Wednesday, June 23, 2010

I Heart Tuesdays

Even though adjusting to the real world is quite the thorn in my side (I'm being dramatic), there are some things about living in Birmingham that I really like...and one of those things is Tuesdays. Tuesdays are always Fletcher's day off, so every Tuesday he meets me for lunch. Usually during the week I just look for things to do during my hour lunch break, but on Tuesdays I soak up every minute of my hour lunch break. Yesterday after I got off work Fletcher came over and I made chicken pocket, sweet potato fries, and green beans. Many of you know that chicken pockets are very significant to our relationship. The night we had our "dtr" and started dating we had made chicken pockets together. And they are definitely our favorite meal to make together, and its always fun to think back to when we first started dating.

I probably shouldn't tell you whats in the chicken pocket, because it isn't very healthy.

I love making sweet potato fries in the oven, and last night we did a little experiment. As a part of his stocking this past Christmas I gave Fletcher some barbecue sauce and barbecue seasoning from my favorite barbecue place in Memphis, The Commissary. So we decided we would try to season the sweet potato fries with BBQ seasoning, and it was pretty good! I honestly think I like just salt and pepper seasoning better, but it was definitely tasty and its always fun to try something different.

And then we completed the meal with some green beans. Which of course made me miss lace. This whole meal actually made me miss the beach house. Probably because I haven't cooked anything other than a lean cuisine since I got to Birmingham. But also because it made me miss how Sarah would always walk by and ask for one bite of my chicken pocket when I made it at the BH. But the night was really enjoyable. Its fun for fletcher and I to just do normal every day things together. After dinner we went on a walk around my neighborhood, then went to target, and then watched the news. When we were long-distance there was always pressure to eat at the best places and do really fun things every time we were together. But its been so fun to just hang out each day. So if I start to get too dramatic about the real world, or my life in Birmingham without any friends...don't feel too sorry for me, because I really am enjoying being here with Fletch.


  1. We both started our posts today with "I heart..." Coincidence? I think not. We have the same brain. It's freaky. Cheerio :)

  2. yummmm! i heart green beans. and i heart you!