Thursday, May 13, 2010

A Day of Celebration

Yesterday was Sarah's birthday. It was a day filled with celebration of Sarah and of all things Auburn. It was a good excuse for us to all spend one of our last full days in Auburn doing fun things together.

First off we had a big breakfast together, and we finally used our mugs that Sarah and Kree painted for us when we decided to all live together in the BH sophomore year. But we missed Kree very much and we left her "k" cup out to pretend like she was there too.

Then we went to the pool, then went downtown to eat at toomer's, did a little shopping, and then came back home to get ready for dinner. And then we went to Laredo's and ate dinner and all Sarah's singer friends came too.

Then after dinner we came home and had cake. We couldn't take a BH picture without Kree. So we spelled her name with sign language. Leah was loving it as you can tell by her face!

Happy Birthday to Sarah! And as far as the countdown to graduation is going...the goodbyes have started which means the tears have started as well. The next two days are going to go by too fast!

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