Monday, April 26, 2010

You're Gonna Miss This...

Last night as I was turning off of 280 and pulling into downtown Auburn I got an overwhelming feeling of sadness that it was one of my last times to pull in to Auburn as a student. As the countdown to graduation gets smaller and smaller, I find myself thinking of everything about Auburn that I am going to miss. There are so many things, and there is no way I could put them in order of what I will miss most, but here (in no particular order) are the things I will miss most...

-Living at the Beach House
-Wednesday morning prayer breakfast at Big Blue
-Living next to Lacey
-Anna sleeping in my bed
-Weekly coffee at Kari's
-Football games in the student section
-The Beach House front porch
-Riding around in Amanda's car because of her handicap pass
-Early mornings with Hannah on the way to practicum
-Class projects/Life talks with Hannah and Amanda
-Working at Gourmet Tiger
-Tiger town
-Mocha Ice Rage at AK's
-Turning by the shell on 280 and the happy feeling of pulling into downtown Auburn
-Bridgett in the drive thru at Chick-Fil-A on Magnolia
-Gail's (aka Kree) visits to the BH living room
-Running in order to try to catch the light at the fiji house (specifically with Leah)
-Anna's extreme reactions to things
-Walking through the quad
-My orange room in the corner
-Kree playing her latest song on the front porch
-The way the Beach House smells
-Family Dinners
-Chicken Salad Chick
-Steve Scoggin's sermons at FBCO
-Running through campus
-Alix Whitaker's visits and love for the BH

As graduation quickly approaches I'm sure this list will continue to get longer. So this may be only part I of things I'm going to miss. It is hard to believe that my four years at Auburn will end in just 18 days.


  1. :( this post makes me sad!!!!!!!! but excited too, because you are GRADUATING!

  2. Good post Steph! I graduated 2 years ago and I still miss college! Growing up is tough, but it is worth it!