Wednesday, April 21, 2010


Today is an exciting day for TWO reasons...Fletcher Flynn turned 24 today and Evelyn FINALLY made her debut into the world. Evelyn was born tonight around 7 and is 8 pounds and 19.5 inches. She has brown hair, brown eyes, and a sweet little face (I've only seen pictures). I will hopefully be visiting Evelyn next weekend, and will write more about her then. But for now, I will write about Fletcher's birthday. On Monday night after work I drove to Birmingham and was able to stay until this afternoon when Fletcher left for work. Yesterday was Fletcher's day off, so it was fun to get to spend time with him on his day off and to celebrate his birthday. Yesterday we went to eat with his mom and then spent the afternoon at the Zoo. We have always talked about going to the Birmingham Zoo so we decided since it was half price Tuesday we would go. Well good thing it was half price Tuesday because the Zoo was HALF-WAY under construction! Lame. But the part we did see was fun!

Today Fletcher opened his presents first thing. I tried to think of something creative for his birthday since he is always such a good gift giver. I decided to do a theme for the presents. So I did "something you want, something you need, something to eat, something to read."

For Fletcher's birthday lunch he wanted to go to Maki Fresh for sushi. Yum!

After lunch we went to Yogurt Mountain. Yogurt Mountain is usually a debate with me and Fletcher. Me and my simple taste buds prefer chocolate yogurt with strawberries on top, with the occasional variation. However, Fletcher's taste buds are a whole different story. He likes to pile on the toppings with multiple different yogurts. So we always have the same debate. He wants to share and create an "awesome chocolate creation" and I want to make my own. And when we decide to only make one, I end up not eating it. So for his birthday he asked if he could create a yogurt mountain and if I would eat half of it. So he created a yogurt exaggeration...Cookies and cream, chocolate, and cake batter yogurt, topped with butterfingers, heath, kit kat, coconut, oreos, 2 brownies, and hot fudge. WHOA.

So Happy Birthday to the sweetest boy I know and the sweetest baby I can't wait to meet!


  1. Fletcher! You finally made it big on the blog! congrats!

  2. AHHHHHH I LOVE THIS!!!!!!!!! cutest couple ever---hmmm. i wonder who matchmade yall togehter?!?!?!?!