Sunday, March 28, 2010

Monster of a Weekend

This weekend Fletcher came to Auburn to celebrate my birthday and it has been one of my favorite weekends. We did all the little things that we used to do when he lived in Auburn but nowadays I find myself doing all those things by myself. So we went to target, ate at chickfila, got a coke icee, got my car washed at goo goo, etc...

Today we made Aunt Kristi's recipe for monster cookies. My aunt makes the best cookies and brings them whenever they come to visit. So last semester I convinced her to share the secret recipe!


So I'm sure you faithful blog readers are wondering why these pictures are significantly better then any other pictures on my blog. Well...

I'm FREAKING OUT! Fletcher is not that great at keeping things, so it was a miracle he made it until the 27th without telling me what he was getting me for my birthday. When he got to Auburn on Friday night the first matter of business was for me to open my presents. And I am so excited about my new camera! I have been reading up on my manual this weekend because I realized I have a lot of important things to photograph in the near future, so I need to figure it out. The first event needing to be photographed will be Baby B! Fletcher also gave me a shirt, some earrings, and a sewing machine for my birthday! I decided I don't really have room for the sewing machine in the BH, so learning how to sew is going to be on the to do list once I move to Birmingham. Also, today Anna and I went on our 8 mile run after church and Fletcher went to see his friends while we ran. While he was out he went to the grocery store to get the ingredients we needed to make the monster cookies. When he came back from the store he had gotten not only the few things we were lacking, but he had bought my groceries for the whole week! I realize I buy the same things at the grocery store every week and Fletcher had gotten them all! He takes such good care of me and is really good at getting me things I would never think of asking for (like the awesome camera) as well as the little things to keep me going day to day. Sometimes I think he is too good to be true!


  1. I like the added touch of the M&M's. You really don't quite understand how special you are that AK gave you that recipe. She guards it with her life.

    I'm so glad you had a great birthday. Great pic of you and Fletcher.

  2. those look delicious. so cute.