Saturday, March 13, 2010

I wish I could forget Remember Me

Disclaimer: If you don't want to know what happens in the movie, don't read this post.

Last night we went to see Remember Me. I had seen the previews, but couldn't quite remember what it was about. I would like to go back and watch the trailer to see what they lead people to believe the movie is about. I am almost certain that this is the worst movie I have EVER seen. As Lacey and I were walking out of the theater we were racking our brains trying to figure out if we have ever seen a movie that was worse then Remember Me...we came up with nothing. So let me tell you why this was both the heaviest and the worst movie of all time.

The movie began with a ten year old girl (Aly) standing next to her mom as her mom got murdered in the New York subway. Then the movie moves ten years down the road to when Aly is in college. Aly falls for Tyler, a troubled teen who drowns his sorrows in alcohol and cigarettes. Tyler's older brother had committed suicide 6 years earlier and Tyler had been the one to find him. So as heavy as that part was, you expected for a sweet love story to develop where two people are able to share in each other's grief. But alas, that was not the case. In an effort to not make this the longest post ever and go into detail about every other aspect of the movie I am just going to list the issues presented. Tyler's dad is a workaholic and Tyler's brother was working for his dad when he committed suicide, Tyler's sister is "artistic" and made fun of by girls her age (at one point she goes to a slumber party and the girls cut her hair), Tyler has significant turmoil with his dad and there are many heated scenes between the two of them, Tyler's sister longs to feel loved by her workaholic father, Tyler's parents are divorced, Aly's dad drinks too much and hits her, and Tyler and Aly use sex as a way to resolve their anger towards their parents. Towards the end of the movie there begins to be a HINT of resolution. Tyler's father begins to make efforts with his children...Tyler is meeting his dad in his office one morning, but his dad is late because he had gone to pick up the little sister for school. Tyler sits at his father's desk and sees pictures of all the kids flash up on his dad's computer. Tyler's spirits are lifted, realizing his father really does care about them. Tyler is standing at the office window talking with the secretary about what a beautiful day it is. Then it flashes to the little sister's school where the teacher is writing "Tuesday September 11th" on the board. It flashes back to Tyler standing out the window and then zooms out to show that Tyler is on one of the top floors of the twin towers. The movie ends showing that other characters in the movie watching the twin towers fall, and Tyler's journal laying on the ground amidst the rubble.

Sorry if this post was long, and depressing but I felt very strongly that no one else should see this movie! I left the theater feeling so weighed down and I would obviously not recommend it to anyone.


  1. Aw-ful! Thanks for the warning!

  2. Yikes! BTW, have you heard of Rotten Tomatoes ( It received a 27% - I've seen worse scores but 27% is not a good sign.

    [Per RT, the worst movie of the year is "Old Dogs"]

    Their description of the movie - "Its leads are likeable, but Remember Me suffers from an overly maudlin script and a borderline offensive final twist."

    Wanna see a good movie? Rent "Babette Feast".