Friday, March 5, 2010

"Having Fun Isn't Hard When You've Got a Library Card"

Today I am headed home to Memphis. This trip will mark my 8th trip on 280 this semester, and that is 8 round trips. Throughout college I have become very familiar with 280; however, this semester the 101 miles between Auburn and Birmingham have become all too familiar. I know that there is almost always a policeman in the median across from the McDonalds in Alex City, I know each speed limit change in Harpersville, and I know that it takes 8 Carrie Underwood songs to get from the bridge over Lake Martin to the turn by the Shell Station. My reasons for 280 trips have ranged from concerts to job interviews, and from weddings to baby showers...and of course visits to see my favorite person. I don't mind driving, but I decided I needed to start making the trip a little more interesting. So...I went to the Auburn Public Library and got Nicholas Sparks' "The Wedding" on cd. It is 7 discs and 7 hours, which means it will take me all the way to Memphis! I haven't listened to a book on tape in years, so I'm very interested to see how it holds my attention. And of course I'm very excited to have a library card!


  1. SUCH a good book! You will love it! Tear jerker!

  2. Audiobooks are so awesome. I recently "read" the last 3 Harry Potter books while driving which was fantastic. And they were from the library...great minds think alike!