Thursday, March 11, 2010

The Fabulous Life of the BH

I have enjoyed the past 2 years at the beach house so much. It is great for so many is so close to campus (I have a 7 minute walk to Spidle), it has a nice kitchen and den, we have a great landlord, we have so much fun as roommates, etc...But this week as the workmen were in the kitchen putting in granite counter tops, I realized that it will be YEARS before I live in a house this nice again. I have gotten way too use to the HD TV, the big kitchen, the front porch swing, DVR, and now granite counter tops. You might remember the grey counter tops from other posts in the kitchen, if so you can see how much better the new counters look! So for the next two months I will enjoy every little luxury of the beach house, because I won't be living in a house like this anytime soon.

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