Monday, March 8, 2010

Baby Shower

The baby shower this weekend was so fun! It was fun to see all her friends, and it was sweet to see how close she still is with all the Beach House girls. Allison's friends did such a great job with getting it together and it was really fun to get to see all Baby B's presents! When I was saying goodbye to Allison yesterday it was hard to believe that the next time I see her she is going to have a baby in her arms! One more month...I'm so excited! I'm putting some pictures so you can see how cute the decorations were...


  1. Everything looks so cute! I am sad I missed it!

  2. Ahh these are so cute! yall did such a great job on decorating! Can I have one of those cupcakes puhlease?

  3. Hi Stephanie--
    Allison mentioned you had pics on your blog--I love them! So beautiful.
    Looks like a wonderful time.

  4. o my word!!!!! so cute---i love it! i hate i didn't get to see you---and i'm sorry i didn't answer! i was running when you called and forgot to call you back---can we chat maybe tomorrow night (after 7 or 9 or whenever you have free minutes)? allison is going to be the sweetest cutest mom!