Tuesday, February 2, 2010


I have alot of different things to say, so this is going to be a scattered post...This weekend I went home to Memphis for my mom's wedding. It was a busy busy weekend, but it was so good to get to spend time with my siblings. Now that we live in 4 different places it is always such a treat when we get to be together. As I left Memphis on Sunday I realized that very possibly the next time I see Allison and Rob it will be to welcome Baby Girl Bradsher in to the world, and the next time I will see Abigail and Matt, I will be an Auburn graduate.

Mollye's big Auburn adventure has begun. She left Memphis with me and Fletcher on Sunday and began her 2 week stay in Auburn. She did a really good job in the car! This is what it looked like as we were pulling out of my neighborhood, a winter wonderland!

I think if Mollye could talk she would tell me that she does not like Auburn and that she would like to go back to her winter wonderland. She follows me everywhere! Anytime I leave the room she gets up and follows me. And when I'm gone during the day she doesn't interact with any of my roommates, she sits in my room on her bed. Today I had class from 8-12, then work from 12-5:30, so Leah tried to take Mollye out in the afternoon to go to the bathroom. It was unsuccessful, Mollye snapped at leah 3 times and wouldn't let her put her on the leash. But now that I'm home Mollye has not left my side. Just now I was looking at all the blogs I stalk daily, and Mollye was right here, head on the computer...

For those of you who watch the Bachelor, but think that it is absolutely ridiculous you might enjoy this website-www.ihategreenbeans.com. It is very funny!

And lastly, the AORTA running group in Auburn is putting on a run to raise money for Haiti. It is on February 13 at 8 a.m.. There is a 5k and a one mile run, both start at Amsterdam Cafe. It is $15 or $10 if you don't want a t-shirt. Let me know if you are interested!


  1. We had fun with you guys this weekend. Glad you made it back safely. Looks like Mollye does a good job of making you feel needed.

  2. Mollye interacts with me!! and i want to run a 5K!

  3. I want to go back to the Winter Wonderland of Sibling fun!

  4. I was excited to see your update on Mollye. I am sure she is getting more settled by the day. And I have no doubt she is winning over many a friend with her cuteness! Miss you!