Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Million Dollar Muffins

This has been the week of enjoying Christmas subscriptions! My mom got me a subscription to the cooking magazine "Simple and Delicious" and it came in last week. I've been looking through it for the last week trying to decide what to try first. There was a recipe for "Apple Cheddar Muffins" that caught my eye. I love cheese, and this recipe sounded so odd I figured it must be good. And I happened to already have almost all of the ingredients, so I decided there was no harm in trying it. The recipe called for 1/2 cup shredded apple, so that was the first thing I did.

Next I mixed together the dry ingredients: flour, sugar, baking powder, salt, cinnamon, and nutmeg. Once I mixed them together I added the cheese. Then added the 1/2 cup apple.

Lastly I added milk, melted butter, and an egg and put them in the oven at 400 for 18 minutes.

They turned out well! It is hard to explain exactly what they taste like. The apple spice taste is the most dominant flavor, but if you think about it while you are eating it you can definitely taste the cheese. It sounds so weird, I know, but they were good!

So you are probably wondering why I am calling these the "Million Dollar Muffins." So here is why...I came home this afternoon ready to make the muffins, but when I got out all of the ingredients I realized I didn't have any milk. So I got in my car and went to the grocery store. As I was pulling in to the PACKED Kroger parking lot I was kicking myself for forgetting the milk and having to go to Kroger during the after school/pre-dinner rush. So I was scurrying through the grocery store, doing my best to go straight to the back of the store for the milk and leave as soon as possible. But as I was walking down the frozen food aisle I almost ran in to an old lady coming out from the organic section. I quickly (but sincerely) apologized and kept moving when I heard her say "Hey! Are you in college?" My heart sank and I prepared myself for a lecture about how I'm old enough to know better than to move so fast. However this is the conversation that followed...

Jean: "Hey! Are you in college?"
Me: "Yes ma'am."
Jean: "Have you graduated yet? When do you graduate?"
Me: "I graduate this May."
Jean: "Well I have a gift for you." (Hands me an envelope)
Me: "Oh...(confused) Thank you."
Jean: "Well open it." (I open it) "Read the paper!" (Jean was a little bit demanding)

-So I open the envelope, pull out a coin, and read the paper. It was a piece of paper that Jean herself had typed out. It included all the information about the coin and was signed by herself.

Me: "This is so nice, but I really don't want to take your coin from you." (Try to hand it back to her)
Jean: "No! Its a gift! For you! I've already given away 700!"
Me: "Okay well thank you so much." (I say, smile, and begin to walk away)
Jean: "If you keep that coin forever you will never be poor a day in your life! You'll be a millionare one day and think back about the old lady from the grocery store!"

So with the promise of a lifetime of wealth I went to get my milk, and left the store. My roommates were asking what she looked like, so if you are interested, she looked completely normal! The only odd thing was that her basket was full of small individually wrapped candy canes, and she had no groceries. But other than that, Jean was just the average Kroger shopper.


  1. I loved the cheddar apple muffins! And I'm sure Jean Bear would too!

  2. How bazaar!!!! Have you googled the coin to see if anything she said was true? Anyway, the muffins look amazing! I will give you a call this weekend to catch up. Love and miss you!

  3. ok...first of all, this story made me laugh (about the lady)...but that is so sweet!
    second of all, those muffins sound DELICIOUS.
    third of all, i love your blog template---where did you find it?! i have been looking for cute free ones, and cannot find them.
    FOURTH---when are you coming to mem?! will you be here at all over your spring break? if so, you'll have to stop by my house while i am intensely studiyng for boards...i probably won't be leaving my house until after mar 25th. haha. love you steph!

  4. oh my gosh stephanie! i met jean in kroger and still have my gold coin. we had almost the exact same conversation. what a sweet, weird lady. :)