Friday, February 5, 2010

Chocolate Peanut Butter Love

I've been wanting an excuse to try out my new heart-shaped cookie cutters, and this week I found my excuse! I needed to make up the work that I missed last Thursday in my hospitality finance class...miserable! So I thought before I got started on hours of staring at excel spreadsheets I would do something a little more enjoyable...Make peanut butter cookies!

Since I wanted to use my heart-shaped cookie cutters I decided I would put Dove milk chocolate hearts in the center of the cookie instead of a hershey kiss.

And I was excited to unwrap the hearts and read the "dove promises", but was disappointed to find that they were special edition dove hearts with tips from Martha Stewart-Lame! None of the tips were interesting at all, Thanks for nothing Martha.

After they came out of the oven I immediately put the heart in the center of the cookie, and then after a few minutes, while they were still warm, I cut out the cookies.

My heart cookie cutter provided the perfect afternoon distraction!

Update on Mollye's Auburn Adventure:
-Lacey was offended that I didn't add an exception to my last post and let you know that Mollye DOES like Lacey. Earlier this week mollye let lacey take her out, but yesterday...not so much. So now mollye officially won't let anyone in the BH take her out but me.
-I take her out probably 15-20 times a day. For example this morning I took her out 3 times before my 9 o'clock class (and it was freezing and raining). So each time she was standing by the door whining I took her out, and she didn't go to the bathroom once!
-Also, yesterday morning I took her out when I got out of the shower and was standing outside in my bright pink robe with wet hair, wishing she would go to the bathroom. As I was standing out there waiting, numerous people were walking by on their way to class. After one guy looked at us and literally laughed out loud, I gave up and went inside.
-Kree and Anna have decided they aren't going to risk petting Mollye. Kree said last night, "Well I love dogs, and I think she's cute but I'm just scared to touch her."


  1. Poor Mollye! She is probably standing by the door because she wants to leave and go back to G'town.
    P.S. Those cookies look scrumptious!

  2. "tie a piece of ribbon around a box of chocolates."

    really martha? is that what made you famous?