Monday, February 8, 2010


Mollye and I had a very traumatizing experience yesterday. I like to take mollye around a small loop right near our house. It only takes 5 minutes to walk around and she always likes it. So yesterday after church I decided to take her around the block to go to the bathroom. So we are walking and we are on the street behind my house and all the sudden I hear a growl and look up and there is a german shepherd running towards us. And its not like there was an invisible fence that I just couldn't see, it was crossing the street and coming towards us. So I start yelling "No! No! No!" and running back in the direction of my house. Mollye is old and has bad joints so she can't keep up and so I'm pulling her as hard as I can to try to make her run and she is crying because I'm hurting her by pulling her. So I look behind me and the dog is still coming so I stop, pick mollye up and sprint home. Once we rounded the corner the dog didn't follow us, but I was nervous mollye and I were going to be toast. I hate german shepherds in the first place, and definitely don't like dogs coming after me and mollye. And I'm sure it looked very funny, me holding mollye sprinting down the street in my church clothes, and now that we are safe and sound I can laugh about it but I was not laughing at the time!

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