Friday, January 8, 2010

Dog Treats

My sister Abigail brought all the dogs that are part of our family or extended family, dog treats for Christmas. Mollye and Greer really liked the treats, and I'm always looking for something new to try to I asked Ab for the recipe and tried it last night.

First I mixed the dry ingredients, then the wet, then mixed them together. As I was mixing in the molasses I was thinking "Ugh this smells terrible." And as the beef bouillon was boiling on the stove I thought again, "That smells terrible." And then I realized, I'm making dog treats! Why do I expect it to smell good?

After mixing everything, I rolled out the dough and cut out little bone shaped treats.

Mollye and Greer stayed in the kitchen the whole time I was making the treats. And when I was rolling the dough out they were right there looking at me longingly. I kept wondering, Do they know what I'm making is for them? So I decided to give them a taste of cookie dough, which they thoroughly enjoyed. They sat and watched from the time I rolled out the dough to the time it went in the oven.
The dog treats turned out well, I think? Mollye and Greer followed me around the rest of the night!


  1. 1. Angus LOVED his treats! We gave him a couple, then later when we were gone he found and devoured the whole bag.

    2. The picture of Mollye and Greer anxiously awaiting their treats makes me so happy. They knew.

    3. Is it annoying that I have to comment on every post? Hope not, because I have to.

  2. I am so glad you tried it! I know it smells pretty bad while you are doing it...oh well, all worth it in the end. Hope you have a safe trip back this weekend!