Sunday, December 13, 2009

Christmas Morning at the Beach House

This morning we had Christmas morning at the Beach House. Before we left for Thanksgiving we all drew names for who we would give christmas presents to when it came Christmas morning, but we had to keep it secret. And then in addition to getting presents for your secret person, we all got stocking stuffers for everyone.
This year the stockings were filled with exciting things, like target gift cards, McCarty pottery (those first two were clearly contributions from moms), animal bracelets, candy, playing cards, lipgloss, some cute christmas bows, and some cute headbands. Sarah Beth and Lacey ordered the headbands from Bumbaloo, ( which makes tons of cute stuff. We took a "Christmas Morning" picture trying to show off our cute headbands.
Then we made a huge breakfast of pancakes, eggs, and bacon! We all felt very sick afterwards but it was fun.

It was sad when this morning ended, knowing that it would be our last Christmas in the Beach House, it is so weird to think next year we will all be in different places.


  1. very very sweet Steph! It is so sad that Christmas here is over... I teared up reading your post. ha. Love you much.

  2. so happy my present is the one featured in the first pic! Melanie would be so proud of my wrapping.